Born in 1941, Noël Pasquier is a prolific artist. From monumental works to small sizes, his art is multiform: he works as well with paintings as with textiles, ceramics, paper, bronze, marble or glass. Coloured and various, often marked with the blue colour dear to him, his works synthetize the great rhythms of nature. Clotilde Pasquier, his wife, is a famous graphic designer, engraver and illustrator of literary works (Diderot, Bataille, Queffélec…). She is part of Noël’s creations, total art shows and adds a different dimension « Two artists, one workshop; two sensitivities, one creation » We can find Noël Pasquier’s works in important private and public collections. He regularly exhibits in New York, but also in London, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Boston, Germany and Italy.