Chevalier Edition

Chevalier edition :

an exceptional alliance of craft and contemporary creation

Launched in November 2008 by Camille Chevalier alongside her brother Nicolas, managing director of Chevalier Conservation, a family-owned company since 1917, and her father Pierre, expert and advisor, Chevalier edition presents a genuine alternative to what is currently available in the world of rugs.

The aim and wish of Chevalier edition is to reproduce an authentic age old tradition and technique, all rugs are hand-knotted, into a contemporary artistic expression to offer a high-quality and creative rugs range.  
This new offer is a continuation of the tradition and know-how of the family firm Chevalier Conservation (since 1918) and respects the same values of  “quality, innovation and tradition”.

Chevalier edition collaborates with artists and designers on their personal rug apprehension as an artistic support to design interiors.

A new collection is launched every year, overseen by the Artistic Director, Stephan Lanez.

This collection is separated in three ranges:
  1-     Unlimited Series
  2-     Hommage
  3-     Limited Editions

The company also offers a personalized service in the creation and manufacturing of high quality rugs with specific dimensions for architects, interior designers, institutions, hotels...